At this day and age, looking beautiful has become a mantra for most people including men & women and young and old. And getting rid of unwanted body hair is perhaps one of the most popular ways of looking beautiful. Nowadays, there are several hair removal procedures both temporary and permanent. The temporary methods cost less while permanent methods are costlier. However, both types have pros and cons so people can choose the one that is most appropriate.

Some of the well known what is ipl hair removal are waxing, shaving, electrolysis, laser, and sugaring. There are also hair removal creams and epilators which a person can use. Waxing, shaving and sugaring are temporary solution providers while laser reduces hair permanently. And electrolysis is considered as the only one permanent hair removal method at present. People can do the temporary methods at home or in a salon. But for laser and electrolysis, people need to visit professionals.

Among the temporary methods, waxing gives a smooth feel to the skin. But one might have to endure a little pain. As far as shaving is concerned, it is easy to do and cheap but people may have to use the razor everyday to keep the skin smooth and hairless. Sugaring is similar to waxing and it can be done with simple substances including sugar which can be obtained from a grocery store.Concerning electrolysis, this method provides a permanent solution. But customers need to sit for several sessions to remove hair completely. It can be painful too.

As far as laser is concerned, those who opt for this method are advised to get the work done only by an expert handler. Otherwise a customer might experience burns. However, this method is recommended only for people with fair skin and dark hair. This is because it may cause skin discoloration which would be rather visible on darker skin tone.From the above few lines, it is understandable that for every method, there are both positive and negative features. Till now, a complete painless, harmless, cheap and permanent method has not been developed. So, till a better method is developed, people can select an available method most suited from them.

In some unfortunate cases, particularly for those who have sensitive skin conditions, there are opportunities for short term changes in the skin pigments. Some customers have issues with discoloration of the skin following the laser hair removal treatment in few instances. Though these changes aren’t permanent, it might be uncomfortable for the client to survive. They’re also not suitable for everyone and give out different hair type or skin color results.


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