You may think that there isn’t any need to clean your bong, but do you know that a dirty bong can spoil the entire weed experience starting from the taste to the smell? It’s essential to maintain your bong clean if you would like to maintain the taste of weed. Bong can get extremely dirty over time if you don’t clean up, making a foul smell. Besides, smoking up from a filthy bong is not healthy. Resins will start developing on the inside of the bong, creating a mess. And if you do not wash it on time, it will become more difficult to remove the resins. There are so many chemicals or products offered for cleaning bong.

You can cover the Internet and look for one that has great reviews and ratings. If your bong has already built much dirt on the inside, you might need a more potent hard chemical to clean it up. But bear in mind, using harsh chemicals to clean bong is not safe as it can leave harmful residues. If you don’t understand How To Clean A Bong, here are a few tips you can use to clean your bong. For people who smoke frequently, it is recommended to clean your bong every 2 days. Regular use of bong may somehow slow down the breeding of harmful bacteria, but it won’t prevent the bacteria from growing.

It is only going to control the growth of bacteria to a certain point. So it is going to be best to clean it every alternate day. You can even clean your bong daily, that’s the best solution if you’re extremely concerned about damaging germs getting into your lungs. Wash it before you go to bed so that it is ready for use in the morning. Repeat the routine every day, and you’ll create a habit of cleaning your bong every day. So to wash your bong, you will first need to empty the water out of how to clean a vape coil. Then dismantle the stem and the bowl in the bong. You will have to separate any removable parts of the bong to clean it properly. For the next step, you will need hot water to cleanse the dirt buildup in the bong.

Using hot water will dissolve the resins build up inside the bong. You can use hot running water or pour the hot water in a bucket and dump in all the pieces of the bong. You may use any bong cleaning products to scrub the surface. Alcohol is also known to work effectively for cleaning bong. Add two or more tablespoons of salt and mix with alcohol of about half or one cup into your bong and shake the solution correctly. The amount of salt and alcohol will depend on the size of your bong. Last, rinse with hot water. Now you know How To Clean A Bong, so make a habit of cleaning your bong at least four to five times a week.

Bacteria start growing within twenty-four hours within a bong, so it is advised to clean your bong always once every day or alternate days. Another reason you should clean your bong frequently is that the longer you wait, the tougher it becomes to clean the clutter within the bong. The dirt inside the bong will become thicker over time, and it will not be possible to eliminate those using conventional tools. Therefore, try to make a habit of cleaning your bong regularly if you would like to enjoy a good marijuana flavor.


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